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Quality. Flexibility. Control. Fill-Lite delivers the soft lighting you want in the ultra-thin profile you've been waiting for.

Our Mission

The movement to digital cinematography has created a demand for innovation in soft lighting products. Cameramen and studios alike have longed for more compact, flexible solutions that could also meet professional quality standards in temperature, color and precision control. We’re happy to tell you the wait is over…FILL-LITE™, innovation in light.

What Others are Saying

“I used them in a very tough, small set and they performed beautifully.  l really like the quality of light. The form factor is extraordinary which means that I could hide them from the camera and still cover a broad area with light.”
- Steven Poster, ASC

Back in my early days as a cinematographer we used huge heavy soft light fixtures, some as big a a VW, to give us enough stop. Then along comes innovation like Fill-Lite, 1″ thin, designed for the new technology in HD cameras. Two light stand units, and an incredible modular system, controlled by another innovative product, the iPad. Most definitely the best I’ve seen in a long time.
- Roy Wagner, ASC

The Fill-Lite 200 and Fill-Lite Studio quickly became the primary light source on the Togetherness pilot shoot “because of their ease of use and natural quality of light.”
- Jas Shelton

Fill-Lite Products at NAB 2014



Stop by the Band Pro Film & Digital, Booth #C10408 next to the Sony booth, at the 2014 NAB Convention in Las Vegas, April 7-10, 2014, to view the Fill-Lite lineup of lighting products for industry professionals.

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Fill-Lite Wins TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2013″

Thousands of new products appeared at the IBC 2013 Amsterdam Tradeshow this year and Fill Lite made a splash. Our first European product launch, we won in the lighting category TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2013″.


TVB Europe'Best of IBC 2013'

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Owen Stephens Interviewed on Fill-Lite at Cine Gear

Owen Stephens was interviewed by Curt Pair of the Band Pro video team on getting a naturally pleasing look with Fill-Lite ultra-thin lights as the soft light source…

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Real Housewives New York City Event With Fill-Lite

New York videographer and Director Bill Cote, BC Video, was asked by Producer Peter Paez, Empire Entertainment, to create a green-screen environment at Bravo’s “Real Housewives” event. Cote had recently learned about Fill-Lites and contacted Owen Stephens, SOC, Fill-Lite, to try them out in a “real-life” situation. The result was magic.

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