Owen Stephens, SOC, Cinematographer and President

Mr. Stephens has more than 30 years experience in the Motion Picture & TV industry, and has served as Director of Photography, Gaffer, and Lighting Director in over 60 Feature Films and TV shows. Since early childhood, lighting and camerawork have been his passion and specialty. Owen climbed the ranks from set electrician on Superman at Pinewood Studios to Gaffer on major motion pictures, working alongside the top Hollywood cinematographers. He became a respected camera operator and Director of Photography on independent feature films and TV commercials, working primarily in New York, Miami, and Hollywood. Owen’s experience, engineering skills and creativity have produced numerous patented products in support of this industry, now in distribution worldwide. Owen presently holds five utility patents, four in motion picture lighting products, and one patent focused on lighting for commercial spaces. Owen received his BA in electrical engineering in South Africa.

The Fill-Lite Story

The history of professional lighting includes a long list of products that are costly to run and difficult to control, and using technology ranging from carbon arc and incandescent to newer technologies such as tungsten and LED. Today, the movement in cinematography from 35mm film to digital has created a demand for innovative soft lighting products. Cameramen and studios alike have longed for more compact, flexible solutions, which could also meet professional quality standards in temperature, color and precision control. We made it our mission to develop a line of products that meet the needs of the modern lighting professional, offering:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Sleek, elegant, high performance design
  • Produces a clean, soft, full spectrum light which resembles natural light (until Fill-Lite®, this has been difficult to achieve with LED technology)
  • Requires no additional diffusion
  • Utilizes the latest technology in custom designed innovative systems
  • Meets professional standards on all light output metrics
  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient, sustainable, no heat to talent, long lasting
  • Digitally controllable light with mobile applications
  • Designed by and for motion picture professionals
  • Operates on universal AC power
  • Certified
  • Patented

Today, Fill-Lite® is the only company offering an array of lighting solutions designed to yield soft, full-spectrum natural light using LED technology in a 1/2″ profile.