Band Pro Germany Opens Office in Berlin

Vojtech_PR_webFill-Lite dealer Band Pro has opened an office in Berlin, one of the most important media centers in Germany and across Europe.

Vojtech Pokorny, Band Pro Digital Image Consultant/Technical Sales, will head the office, which caries all products and services currently available in Munich. Pokorny, a longtime Berlin resident, completed his camera studies at the German Film and Television Academy and spent 10 years as an image designer and camera operator prior to joining Band Pro in the Munich office. He now returns to Berlin to open the new office.

“Adding the Berlin office is an important step forward for Band Pro.” says Vojtech Pokorny. “Berlin produces over 300 films per year, and it’s one of Europe’s most popular locations. In addition to providing the best new production technology, the focus of our consultancy lies in the definition and elaboration of individual workflows. We just have to be where the most exciting projects are being realized.”

Atila Ormanlar is now the Technical Sales and Support Manager at Band Pro Munich. Ormanlar operates as a single point of contact for all customers, continuing Band Pro’s reputation for personalized customer support.

Read all about the Band Pro changes on the Band Pro website, including the new office address and contact information.

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