Band Pro Germany Takes Fill-Lite on the 4K Experts Tour

Band Pro took Fill-Lite soft lights on the 4K Experts Tour in January 2014 and we got the video!

Randy Wedick, technical consultant at Band Pro Burbank, joined Vojtech Pokorny, technical consultant with Band Pro Munich, to demonstrate Sony and Canon cameras, Letca Summicron-C lenses, Fill-Lite soft lights, and other leading equipment to top European cinematographers in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Munich.

The tour included three shoots in three cities:

  • Stummfilmkino Delphi in Berlin with DP Paola Calvo
  • Vienna Available Lights in Vienna with DP Matthias Meissl
  • Ruckl Crystal a.s. in Prague with DP David Marvan

The tour carried a variety of cameras and lenses, as well as other equipment. The Sony F65 and F55 cameras were used, as was a Canon C500. Both Canon zooms and Leica Summicron-C prime lenses were available for the shoots and the workshops. The Fill-Lite Studio and Fill-Lite 200 models were along to quickly spread a soft light across the scenes with added highlights from other manufacturers.

Workshops took place in four locations:

  • Post Republic in Berlin
  • Vienna Available Lights in Vienna (also a shoot location)
  • MAT Film Resort in Prague
  • FGV Schmidle GmbH in Munich

You can view what happened during the Vienna shoot, including artist interviews, on the Band Pro website

You may also view the complete Choreography Diagrams “Herzblume” shoot with dance artists of the Vienna Ballet performing choreography by Eno Peci collaborating with media artist Casanove Sorolla.

Choreography Diagrams “Herzblume” from CasanovaSorolla on Vimeo.



Choreographer: Eno Peci
Artist: Casanova Sorolla
Cinematographers: Matthias Meissl, Christoph Tilley, Camillo Foramitti, Peter Hochhauser
Technical Assistance Provided by: Band Pro / Vojtech Pokorny, Randy Wedick
Dancers: Dagmar Kronberger, Masayu Kimoto, Alice Firenze, Mischa Sosnovski, Greig Matthews, Suzanne Kertész, Davide Dato and Flavia Shishov
Cameras: Sony F65, Sony F55, Canon C500
Lenses: Leica Summicron-C primes, Canon zooms
Lighting: Fill-Lite

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