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Rob Draper, ACS, uses Fill-Lite soft light, wins Best Cinematography Award

IMG_3240_Rob-wins-award-crw Rob Draper, ACS, won Best Cinematography Award at Beverly Hills Film Festival for his work as Director of Photography using Fill-Lite soft light on “Irrefutable Proof”. Directed by Ziad Hamzeh, screenplay by Richard Castellane.

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NAB 2016 BlockBattery powers Fill-Lite (C12339)

Visit NAB Booth C12339 to see how BlockBattery powers Fill-Lite. The video shows Greg Prentiss demonstrating this system BlockBattery.

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ProMedia @ The Photo + Adventure in Vienna

WP_20151121_007 ProMedia, the Fill-Lite Europe dealer, recently displayed at “The Photo + Adventure show” in Vienna, Austria, where Gert Oswald used the FL 200 as a table to light a tabletop display.

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BlockBattery Powers Fill-Lite at NAB 2015

Greg Prentiss took a few minutes in the booth at NAB 2015 (booth C12039) to demonstrate the BlockBattery products powering Fill-Lite.

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Rob Draper, ACS, on using Fill-Lite shooting Irrefutable Proof

Rob_Draper_Irrefutable_Proof_Lady _Fill-Lite

Rob Draper, ACS: “The quality of the light is astounding, dubbed by my crew “the lady pleaser“, great wrap and essentially the quality of a light thru 216. The fall off is relatively short, which meant less cutting and shaping in tight locations and being a square emitter they could easily be panned or tilted to control spill and intensity in different parts of the set.”

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Band Pro Germany Opens Office in Berlin

Fill-Lite dealer Band Pro has opened an office in Berlin, one of the most important media centers in Germany and across Europe. Vojtech Pokorny, Band Pro Digital Image Consultant/Technical Sales, will head the office, which caries all products and services

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Fill-Lite Wins TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2013”

Thousands of new products appeared at the IBC 2013 Amsterdam Tradeshow this year and Fill Lite made a splash. Our first European product launch, we won in the lighting category TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2013”.


TVB Europe'Best of IBC 2013'

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European Launch of Fill Lite Products

IBC 2013 Amsterdam

Join us for the European launch of FILL LITE products at IBC Amsterdam 2013, September 13-17th. We’ll be located at the Band Pro Booth D21 in Hall 11.  Come view the new generation of LED ultra thin soft lights for use in photographic, movie and digital video applications.

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Owen Stephens Interviewed on Fill-Lite at Cine Gear

Owen Stephens was interviewed by Curt Pair of the Band Pro video team on getting a naturally pleasing look with Fill-Lite ultra-thin lights as the soft light source…

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Jas Shelton Describes Using Fill-Lite On “Togetherness” Location Shooting

Jas Shelton described how the Fill-Lite 200 and Fill-Lite Studio quickly became the primary light source on the Togetherness pilot shoot “because of their ease of use and natural quality of light” in an interview with US distributor Band Pro.

Jas Shelton interview by Band Pro on using Fill-Light ultra-thin softlightPhil Badger, gaffer on the Togetherness pilot, wanted a low-profile and fast solution for the tight spaces typically found on location. Fill-Lite provided the necessary natural lighting source inside the locations, being a highly controllable thin light source requiring very little space and giving off no heat.

Full details on Fill-Lite availability in the US are available from Band Pro.

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