Fill-Lite Introduces More Power, Better Color, Lower Weight, & Same Soft Light at Same Price

We are happy to announce upgrades to our Fill-Lite 200 and Fill-Lite Wall soft light fixtures.

  • More Light
  • Better Color
  • Lower WeightOwen Stephens, SOC setting Fill-Lite Wall frames as a ceiling over a Sony F65 in the Band Pro booth at NAB 2013

The Fill-Lite 200 now produces 1320 lux (Daylight) at 1 meter (1280 lux in Tungsten), and the Daylight CRI is now 90 (TLCI  89) as measured at 1m from the fixture (93 CRI with Tungsten (TLCI 87)). The Wall uses multiples of the same squares with respectively higher lux output. We measure 1m from the finished fixture for a more conservative specification that relates to use in real shooting situations.

The fixtures have also lost weight, making them more portable and easier to manage.

Pricing remains the same for the Fill-Lite 200: a big beautiful soft light for $2450 MSRP. Although the Fill-Lite Wall stays at $4100 MSRP for two light squares mounted in a versatile frame, the Wall Controller price did rise to $899 due to a technical redesign that made it more robust.

More detailed technical information is available in the spec sheets (FL200, FLStudio, FLWall).

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