Fill-Lite Studio Soft Light

The largest thin profile soft light on the market, the Fill-Light Studio is like a Reflector Board on steroids.


The Fill-Lite Studio unfolds easily from half the size, and mounts to a junior light stand, making one large amazing soft light with four square light sources, tethered to a Controller that incorporates all controls and electronics. Controls include manual dimming, daisy chaining for multiple fixtures, universal power, DMX512 option for board integration. The ultra thin profile makes this fixture the perfect solution for large soft light requirements, such as product, people and tabletop photography where space is limited. The light mimics natural ambient light and eliminates the need for large Chimera soft box.

Features include:

    • Clean design
    • Wrap around soft light
    • Amazingly thin profile when mounted
    • All-in-one fixture. No setup, just plug it in!
    • Folds in half for easy packing
    • Very low power requirement
    • No heat from fixture. Excellent on talent, tabletop, or tight sets
    • Controller connects with single cable to fixture


The following accessories are available for this model:

    • Power Cord
    • 4 Gel Clips
    • Daisy chain link cable
    • Egg-Crate Light Diffuser (soft) – available through dealer
    • Plug-in option for DMX-512


TLCI 95 93
lux @3′ 5986 TBA
Beam Angle 114 degrees
LED Life 50,000 hours
Daylight TLCI measurement provided by Redwood Media Group

Daylight TLCI measurement by Redwood Media Group

Tungsten TLCI measurement provided by

Tungsten TLCI measurement provided by


Fill-Lite Studio
Dimensions Update to come for new Studio
Weight 90 lbs
Color Temperature TLCI: Daylight 95 / TungstenĀ 93
  • Single unit w/junior male pin
  • Manual dimmer
  • Daisy chain control
  • Universal power AC 90-260v – 50/60hz

Video Demo