Fill-Lite Wall Soft Light System

The flexible Fill-Lite Wall is the only modular soft light system available on the market today. Each Wall system starts with light squares, housed or mounted in various hardware configurations, powered off of a Controller box.

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CE and Tick marks


The FL Wall system is powered by the FL Controller. The Controller powers up to four light squares and has manual or DMX options.

The Wall system has a variety of hardware options, starting with a thin FL Wall Frame, 27 x 53 inches, housing two light squares. A junior pin attaches to either the short or long side of the frame to mount on a stand or attach to grip hardware. The squares in a frame rotate on two axes, horizontal and vertical, allowing the light to spread and wrap in any direction. Multiple frames connect quickly and easily with frame joiners. This way, large vertical ceilings or horizontal walls of light can be built. Thus the name, the “Wall”.

But, the modular design allows for an unlimited number of flexible solutions, including drop ceiling options (using free-standing individual squares). Additional hardware options include the FL Adapter plate, shown in the FL Wall Demo video referred to as a yoke mount, or the FL Hanger, referred to in the video as the wall mount. With these pieces of hardware, the light squares can be mounted to set walls or rotated individually.

The ultra thin frame and the additional hardware options, such as the FL Adapter and FL Hanger, make the Wall ideal for soft lighting in any environment.

Features include:

    • Modular design
    • Flexible: squares pivot in the Frame on horizontal and vertical axes. The FL Hanger or the FL Adapter allow for further flexible options.
    • Rugged structure
    • Wrap around soft light
    • Amazingly thin profile when mounted
    • Easy to move
    • Color-coded connections
    • One control center, conveniently located for ease of operation
    • No heat from fixture. Excellent on talent, tabletop, or tight sets, or in drop ceilings


The following accessories are available for this model:

  • Controller box with power cord (powers up to 4 light squares)
  • Daisy chain link cable (with Power Supply)
  • Plug-in option for DMX-512 into the Controller
  • 8 Gel Clips
  • 15′ Head cables, XLR to mini (one per light square)
  • Wall Frame joiners
  • Junior mounting pin
  • Soft egg crate 40° / 50° (same as shown on FL200 – SnapGrid™ SFF0202)
  • FL Hanger for mounting one light square to set wall
  • FL Adapter for grabbing the back of one light square to use on a stand or attach to grip hardware


FLWall-DMXInstall-Final (Mobile)

FL200-EggCrate-Final (Mobile)


TLCI 95 93
lux @3′ 1483 1360
Beam Angle 114 degrees
LED Life 50,000 hours

Daylight TLCI measurement provided by Redwood Media Group

Daylight TLCI measurement by Redwood Media Group

Tungsten TLCI measurement provided by

Tungsten TLCI measurement provided by


Fill-Lite Wall
Dimensions (Fill-Lite Wall Module) 27″ x 53″ x 2″
Weight 15kg/module
Color temperature TLCI: Daylight 95 / Tungsten 93
  • Single module (2 light squares) w/junior or baby pin
  • Manual dimmer
  • Daisy chain control
  • Universal power AC 90-260v – 50/60hz
Power Input AC power: Universal 90-250 VAC

  • Power consumption: 300W@2-3A
  • Fused protection: 1A 250V Fast

Input DC Power: 24-36 VDC @2-3A

  • Connection: 3-pin XLR
    (pin # 1 – / pin #2 + / pin #3 NC)

CE and Tick marks

  • Wall 8 Light Squares
  • Wall 16 Light Squares

Video Demo