Fill-Lite Tests Flicker Free on Rolling Shutter

If you are using a digital camera that cannot handle rolling shutter you will encounter the roll or wobble effect, which is not correctable in post. A recent article by Red Shark News explains rolling shutter in-depth.

Another article by Art Adams explains Pulse Width Modulation, especially pertaining to LED fixtures…

“Normal tungsten lights are dimmed by reducing the voltage running through the filament. LED lights run on electrical current, not voltage, and current is much more difficult to control. The simplest way to dim an LED fixture is to pulse it on and off so fast that the fixture outputs less light over time without your eye, or the camera, noticing the pulses. When the light is on full there’s no pulsing at all, just one long wave of current, but as soon as you touch the dimmer control the fixture changes that steady flow of current into a series of extremely fast pulses… Not every LED light is dimmed in this manner, not every variety of pulse width modulation is inherently evil, and not every camera is sensitive to it (although rolling shutter cameras are the most sensitive by far).”

As our video demonstrates, rolling shutter tests performed on Fill-Lite products were done using ARRI Alexa, Red Epic, and Phantom cameras. Various frame rates were tested and the results came back all FLICKER FREE.

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