Gaffer Puts Fill-Lite To Work

A “book-light with even spread and great fall off”

Gaffer continues to refer to the fixtures as being like a book-light and how much he likes the soft quality of light–especially in tight spaces.

I love how soft it is. It’s like having a Book-light soft box in seconds.
From my experience its very soft with no need to add more diffusion.
A light weight unit and easy to squeeze in tight spaces making it easy to hide and dress.
The  punch is subtle but with an even spread with a nice fall off.


IMG_5835 2 Roy Wagner, ASC, Freddy Cintron, Fill-Lite The Neighborhood pilotThis was their first time using Fill-Lite and he had great things to say about the quality of the light produced, as well as the fixture itself. The creamy soft light wraps smoothly around people without an abrupt fall-off. Even set pieces get a nice wrap, enough to avoid a shadow on subjects behind the set pieces when the fixture is placed close enough.

After shooting The Neighborhood pilot.

IMDB says about The Neighborhood (TV series) – “Brooklyn mob soldier Benny Zerletta (played by William DeMeo) is torn between fulfilling his mother’s deathbed wish to seek guidance from above and the responsibility forced upon him as a made man of a powerful crime family.” The Neighborhood is written and directed by William DeMeo, this is DeMeo’s first directing credit and he is shooting in the familiar Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. The cast includes James Russo, Louis Lombardi, Paul Ben-VictorLeo RossiCorey Parker Robinson, and many others familiar from earlier mob and police dramas.    

Get Fill-Lite product details or see video demonstrations and interviews on Vimeo.

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