Jasmin Awad, Stock Photographer & Fill-Lite User

Jasim Awad photo Old fashioned copper telephone Studio shot with Fill-Lite FL200

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Awad

We met Jasmin at Photokina 2014 and she took a few test photos in our booth and said she wanted Fill-Lite fixtures in her stock photography studio in Cologne, Germany.

Jasmin Awad has been a stock photographer since 2004 and she is very successful. Her studio uses a number of lighting systems, including a “Orbiculight” for lighting detailed images of small products (Jasmin uses this for lighting jewelry, among other small products). Jasmin was immediately interested in adding Fill-Lite fixtures to her studio for larger product shots that didn’t fit with her Orbiculight system.

As soon as she looked at her test photos, Jasmin got excited by the clear, smooth light that a Fill-Light fixture produces. She started listing ways she could use the light and decided to find a few photography and video friends to review the light with her. She returned to our booth a couple of times with friends who also became interested.

In the end, Jasmin bought a FL200 with a battery module. She and her fellow photographers and videographers are sharing the unit with an eye on future purchases. As Jasmin wrote to us “Just wanted to say I really love my new light….And as soon as I can afford it, I will buy more, at least one more of the
same type and then later…

Jasmin Awad Stock Photography with Fill-Lite FL200 lighting

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Awad

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