Photokina 2014 Fills the Photo Studio with Soft Light from Fill-Lite

Fill-Lite showing at Photokina 2014 in Hall 4.1, Stand H027aWe are showing at Photokina 2014 from September 16-21. We’ll be in Hall 4.1 at Stand H027a.

This is our first time showing at Photokina and we think the still photography industry will be excited when they see the north-light quality that Fill-Lite brings to the studio in a cool, thin form factor. Fill-Lite fixtures are especially great for small studios or shooting on location in offices and other spaces where ceilings are low and room is at a premium.

Fill-Lite LED soft light for film, video, and still photography in a sauna

Photo courtesy of Steve Fraasa.

Photographers have held great shoots inside offices, cars, even saunas!

Fill-Lite fixtures are cool to the touch, even at 100% brightness. There is no heat to dissipate from the LEDs. Food does not wilt, hair does not frizz, makeup does not melt, even your talent stays cool and focused on the job.

Also, Fill-Lite fixtures give a soft, even light, so there are no additional soft boxes needed. The light quality is very soft, it wraps around your subjects with a continuous shaded tone that produces no harsh jumps from bright light to dark shadow to try to smooth later in your workflow. Using a Fill-Lite is like having a north-facing window anywhere you want it in your studio, at any time of day or night.

The Fill-Lite Wall is very versatile. Fill-Lite Wall frames can be mounted overhead, even in a standard office space, and give an overhead light effect similar to outdoor daylight on a cloudy day. The same frames can be mounted to walls just as easily and the frames can be joined together to cover walls and ceilings with a huge light as large as you want to create.

The Fill-Lite Studio is a 16 square foot (4’x4′) fixture in a yoke that mounts on a light stand for easy movement in the studio. Just pull the Fill-Lite Studio over to your next setup and it’s like placing a window wherever you want it. The yoke can also mount to a truss for overhead or side mounting. The Fill-Lite 200 is a single 24″x24″ square (61cm x 61cm) in the same form factor as the Fill-Lite Studio and is great for small setups, portraits, or as an additional matching light source.

RVZ Paris uses Fill-Lite LED soft light for film, video, and still photography

Photo courtesy of RVZ Paris

The color is correct across the Fill-Lite product line, which makes for a simplified workflow, and the light is available in your preference of daylight or tungsten. The Fill-Lite fixtures all use the same LED bin, so the color is consistent and there are no color shifts from softboxes or other add-ons that get in the way between the light and the subject. The color also stays consistent at every point in the dimming range, there are no surprises in post production.

Using continuous light makes the transition between still and video photography seamless. These fixtures bring back WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), there is no more guessing when you move the lights. No more wondering about the shadow effects, you see the shadows as you set the lights.

Best of all, Fill-Lite fixtures are energy efficient, long lasting without color shifts, and cost effective

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