Fill-Lite FL200 LED soft light fixture

Fill-Lite 200


The foundation of the Fill-Lite product line, the 24 x 27 inch Fill-Lite 200, is the breakthrough for end users in the digital era and an excellent soft light for location or studio use with low power requirements. It starts with a single square light source on a yoke, and incorporates all electronics onboard. These include options such as manual dimming, daisy chaining to link fixtures, battery or universal power, DMX 512 for studio, and an iPad app for wireless operation. The Fill-Lite 200 utilizes a baby receiver for hanging or mounting on a stand. The LED’s are selected for color and performance consistency making this light the softest, most natural light source on the market today.

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Fill-Lite Studio Soft Light


The Fill-Light Studio stands alone in the marketplace today. Using four light squares, the Studio provides maximum coverage of liquid light while maintaining the thin profile. It is like a Reflector Board on steroids! The Fill-Lite Studio comes out of a flight case folded in half, mounts to a junior light stand and unfolds in seconds, making one large amazing soft light. It connects to a Controller which incorporates all controls and electronics. Controls include manual dimming, daisy chaining for multiple fixtures, universal power, DMX512 option for board integration. The ultra thin profile makes this fixture the perfect solution for large soft light requirements, such as product, people and tabletop photography, where space is limited. The light mimics natural ambient light and eliminates the need for a large Chimera soft box, maintaining the 2 inch profile.

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Fill-Lite FLWall LED soft light fixture tilt swing

Fill-Lite Wall


The flexible Fill-Lite Wall is the only modular soft light product available on the market. The Wall system includes a thin frame, 27 x 53 inches, housing two light squares. These squares can rotate on two axes, horizontal and vertical, allowing the light to spread and wrap in any direction. The modular design allows for an unlimited number of flexible solutions, vertical as a wall, or horizontal as a ceiling, or a combination of the two. Individual light squares can be removed for wall mounting or set applications (including drop ceilings), and manipulated with the FL Hanger or the FL Adapter. The Controller, which powers up to 4 light squares, has manual or DMX controls. The ultra thin frame and modular flexibility make the Wall ideal for soft lighting in any environment.

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