Real Housewives New York City Event With Fill-Lite

New York videographer and Director Bill Cote, BC Video, was asked by Producer Peter Paez, Empire Entertainment, to create a green-screen environment at Bravo’s “Real Housewives” event. Cote had recently learned about Fill-Lites and contacted Owen Stephens, SOC, Fill-Lite, to try them out in a “real-life” situation. The result was magic. “The light was not at all harsh on my face” said Cristina Cote, niece of Bill, who hosted and modeled for the venue, in which the party’s guests were inserted into the Real Housewives opening sequence of their choice to download on their iPads.

“We had very little space to work in”, says Cote, “so the narrow profile and the even output (we only had them dialed up about one third) worked like a charm. A big 4×4 Studio was the main source and two smaller units lit the green-screen from the sides. The guests got to be stars and we got to film them. The result was a huge hit with everyone.”

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