Rob Draper, ACS, on using Fill-Lite shooting Irrefutable Proof

Rob Draper sent us a message that he agreed to share with everyone:

“I recently used the Fill-Lite’s for the first time on a feature, essentially lighting the entire movie with them. Having demo’d them earlier I knew their potential but did not appreciate the usefulness and versatility of these small units until I was on set.

Rob_Draper_Irrefutable_Proof_Lady _Fill-Lite

The quality of the light is astounding, dubbed by my crew “the lady pleaser“, great wrap and essentially the quality of a light thru 216. The fall off is relatively short which meant less cutting and shaping in tight locations and being a square emitter they could easily be panned or tilted to control spill and intensity in different parts of the set.
I used them as singles, doubles and quads, to light masters and close-ups, men and women. For women when punched thru diffusion the light almost becomes a liquid. I also used them skirted as coup lights for large areas where they provided the perfect amount of base shooting on the Alexa at 800ISO, as fill on overcast day exteriors and in ultra low temps (-9F degrees and color temp and output did not change).
In every situation these incredible units excelled. I will not be shooting again without them.”
Rob Draper, ACS

Scott Franklin Gaffer & Rob Draper ACS

Rob just finished shooting Irrefutable Proof and used Fill-Lite fixtures in almost every scene. He used FL200’s on rolling stands to quickly move into place. He also mounted FL200’s on booms and directly on the dolly next to his camera for consistent soft lighting that stayed with his camera as he moved.


Fill-Lite used on Irrefutable Proof set by Rob Draper, ACS


This scene shows Fill-Lite squares from a FLWall unit pulled from the Wall frames and used independently to create a base light across a huge room.

We will have more posts and pictures from Rob (catch Rob Draper on Twitter), but you can read his full appraisal of working with Fill-Lite on Rob’s website.

In the meantime, check the Irrefutable Proof behind the scenes video shot and edited on iPhone by Mark Davis (you can follow Mark on Twitter).




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