Rob Draper, ACS, uses Fill-Lite soft light, wins Best Cinematography Award

Rob Draper, ACS, won Best Cinematography Award at Beverly Hills Film Festival for his work as Director of Photography using Fill-Lite soft light on “Irrefutable Proof”. Directed by Ziad Hamzeh, screenplay by Richard Castellane.

Rob Draper, ACS, wins Best Cinematography Award using Fill-Lite soft light Rob used Fill-Lite soft light 200 and Wall fixtures on this indie film shot in upstate New York. The Fill-Lite fixtures were used almost exclusively on the film for all the interiors and some of the exteriors.

“We did not have a huge budget on the film so I needed to work fast and use house power, or battery, where possible. Some of the locations were also quite small which meant putting up lights, frames or chimera’s was not feasible or practical. The small footprint of the 200 unit was a huge advantage allowing me to light very soft without the unit intruding on the actors. The Fill-Lite units were incredible delivering amazingly soft, color accurate light without the need to add additional stands and frames of diffusion or color balancing gels.”

“I also used them on the numerous green screen shots to light both the foreground elements and green screen itself. The lights performed flawlessly, even in sub zero exterior temperatures. I am now starting to use them on many of my projects with the optional DMX units so I have more control over last minute changes to the lighting balance”.

UpAccepting the award for Best Cinematography at Beverly Hills Film Festivalcoming Shoots With Fill-Lite Soft Light

Rob’s next feature will take him on the road shooting in NYC, Chicago, Wisconsin and LA. “I fully intend having a complement of Fill-Lites (FL 200’s and Walls) on the truck for this film, again to enable me to work quickly with incredibly soft light that does not require soft boxes or diffusion frames.”?

“I would suggest anyone who has not used these units should give them a go, especially if working in small, tight locations or when you need a broad area covered with a soft flattering light.”

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