Steve Fraasa Talks About LED Soft Light Diffusion

Steve Fraasa, a DP in Las Vegas who shoots everything from commercials to infomercials to features, describes his use of light diffusion in Fill-Lite LED soft lights.

Steve says one of the big benefits is working with smaller crews because Fill-Lite is already diffuse. The high level of diffusion in Fill-Lite LED soft lights means the crew can pull the fixtures out of the cases and immediately fill the scene with soft fill light, adding and flagging as necessary. The crew can be smaller and faster because they don’t need to drag along more grip stands, diffusion frames, clamps, and whatever else would be required.

An immediate added benefit is the low power consumption with Fill-Lite squares. A full set of squares can be run off regular household power without taxing the system, at 55W each they are similar to operating a few normal room lights–without the typical heat build-up. A 28V camera battery will power a Fill-Lite square for hours.

Other benefits include the ability to light a full set without worrying about excessive heat; getting a really nice look on skin, especially important when shooting fitness videos; and fitting into tight spaces without extra grip gear or additional heat.

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