The Secret to Shooting Great Skin: Light Diffusion

Jim Wise, Vegas Producers Studio owner, tells in this video how Fill-Lite LED soft light diffusion produces great skin on talent.

Jim lights his entire studio with Fill-Lite LED soft lights. His describes the big advantage is it stays cool without the heavy air conditioning needed with traditional tungsten lights. Air conditioning is critical in Las Vegas, and he appreciates the lower electrical use. Jim has months of working with the Fill-Lite products in the studio, which has a full complement of Fill-Lite products, including FL200, FLStudio, and FLWall frames.

Having perfect, flawless appearing skin is important in the fitness videos they shoot. Jim likes how Fill-Lite softens skin imperfections and smooths skin tone in camera without resorting to work in post. This skin “softening” effect works well in the digital video environment where every imperfection is enhanced, and it works without softening architectural lines.

Jim also talks about his plan for shooting the upcoming movie, Drowned, and how he will use Fill-Lite squares in boats filled with actors, cameras, grip gear, etc. He thinks “the 2’x2′ Fill-Lite is going to be an ideal fit for us.”

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